Insurance Marketing that Wins

Medicare and insurance agents, brokers and companies need to focus on proven, modern and trusted marketing methods to grow their business, protect their online reputation, and generate new leads and customers.

Until now, there has been a lot of talk about securing your success, but only Disko Marketing has the unrivaled pedigree to bring your company to the next level in a constantly evolving digital world


Trust. Leads. Customers

Fueling Your Online Success

A marketing company that understands the insurance and medical industries and have an award-winning track record of success. It’s this expertise that can fuel your company’s success

Search Engine Optimization

Our award-winning search engine optimization can help your company gain visibility and create more opportunities in your market in Google, Yahoo, Bing

Qualified Leads

With a more efficient presence in your direct market, you’ll be in position to lure in more qualified leads and be able to win more customers

Reputation Management

Having a strong online reputation can be a deciding factor when a potential customer is choosing between your company and another. We can help you build a strong online brand

Client Focused

We are dedicated to building long-term business relationships, which is why we pride ourselves in easy reporting, strong customer service, and the option for contract or month-to-month services

We Can Be Your Marketing Super Power

Our company, Disko Marketing, is fueling success for our clients and our own brands, including the brand new search engine DocsDock, which is made for the medical and insurance industry and comes loaded with benefits.

Stop Wasting. Start Winning

Too many insurance marketing companies over-promise, over-charge, and significantly underdeliver. Instead of working on delivering results to win your business, they lock you down in long-term contracts.

We want to work with you and can provide you a much better marketing solution

The Disko Marketing Advantage

“As a team, simplifying our workflow is a top priority, so having our contacts, SMS, and email in one place helps us a ton!”

Robert Fox

Robert Fox

Marketing Lead

Increase in sales


Customer Engagement